Muskego Lakes features four sets of tees measuring 6600 yards from the back tees. Muskego Lakes is known for the smoothest greens in the area with a layout that does not put a premium on length so much as shot placement (due to having 8 doglegs). If you want to play on short cut fairways and tees while challenging your accuracy, Muskego Lakes is for you.

The “Fun” started in 1974 when Scott Krause bought the four year old Muskego Lakes from a group of investors. Scott, with his wife Dodie and sons Mark and Steve, immediately went to work instituting offerings that would be meaningful to even the most savvy of customers. They created membership programs that offered much more than just unlimited greens fees for the season. They expanded the food service by first hiring an in-house chef instead of a cook. Then, followed that up with providing dining three days a week and banquet options that were new to the area at the time. At the same time, they were hard at work on the golf course enhancing the turf conditions, adding new teeing areas, creating a golf range, adding sand traps, and planting over 1000 trees.

Twenty-five years after Scott purchased MLCC, he sold the course to his sons Mark and Steve in 1999. For the last 21 years, Mark and Steve have followed Scott's plan by providing more fun, continued service, and up-to-date course conditions.

Some examples of Mark and Steve providing the surrounding communities with fun include hosting all types of events. Each year, MLCC hosts at least 20 charities, 30 weddings, 50 golf outings, and over 50 more dining functions. For the golfers, Muskego Lakes instituted a 10-week lesson/golf program for ladies, a similar porgram for men, a now 43 year old junior golf program, and multiple one-day golf events. An example of a one-day event is the "Car Turkey Golf" taking place every November where the cars drive on cart paths during the golf event. Examples of events hosted in the wintertime include a bourbon and brew tasting, Friday dining during Lent, and brunches for Valentine's Day, Easter, and Mother's Day.

If you are looking for a membership program that includes social and golf events, dining facilities for any type of function (up to 400 guests), golf lesson programs, golf outing packages, or just a casual round of golf playing on quality turf conditions - call 414-425-6500 or visit the "membership" portion of this website.

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