Online Tee Time Reservation Policies

Tee Time Reservations Hotline: (414) 409-0068

Normally you will not need a valid credit card to book a tee time. At this time all golfers must pre-register wiith a credit card.  This card will be processed the day of golf provided you have not canceled and the weather is condusive to golf.   If not, click here now to save 10% and become a "Patron Club" member. Tee Times may be made up to 14 days in advance for a maximum of 4 players.  When entering your credit card info, we use a secure URL, but this may not show in your browser because of 'Framing' that takes place to provide seamless integration with our Tee Time Reservation provider. If you would like to see the actual secure URL during the reservation process, please click HERE.

Cancellation Policy: At least 24 hours notice is requested.   You may do this during daylight hours either in person or over the phone by calling (414) 425-6500.  Please do not send e-mails requesting tee times, changes, or cancellations.

To view our "Golf Safe Guidelines" and policies, click here

For a printable scorecard click here.

Single rider with or without 2 bags now allowed. Cost is $20 for the cart for 18 holes.  Trade riders after nine or bring your own wipes to wipe off steering wheel and hand rest before switching drivers.

Tee Time Reservations Hotline: (414) 409-0068