We offer lady members and non-members the chance to play 18 holes at prime times on Saturdays. Ladies Club is played on Saturdays with a shotgun start at 8am. You can join the Ladies Club for a period of one year while not being a member. This is a great way for you to get a feel for what membership is all about without incurring the full expense. Our staff organizes an event each week so you have a chance to win prizes. Included with your Ladies Club membership is a WSGA handicap and your entry fees for all Saturday morning events and yearly Ringer.  First Ladies championship and gold Coat are not included.

Weekly Events:

A different event each week with the entry fee for each weeks event included in the yearly dues of $60?$90.

First Ladies' Championship:

First Ladies' Championship is an individual match play event, open to members only.  Format: Subtract the lower person’s handicap from the other. The person with the lowest handicap now plays at a 0 handicap. The other plays to 90% of their remaining handicap. Matches will have the last tee time on play days. This event is only open to MLCC members.


Is a flighted, year long event, in which you can post a maximum of one score per week on play days only. (Sunday events or any other time you play cannot be used). At the end of the year you will have the best score you shot on each hole. On your first play day, you will post your score for each hole in the blue Ringer book. On all subsequent days you will change the score on any hole where you had a lower score on. This fee is also covered in your yearly dues.

Gold Coat Championship:

Is a two person team match play event. You pick your own partner. Entry fee of $20.00. First matches will be played in late May. Seedings will be done using last years results. Must be a member.


It takes at least 5 scores to establish and have a WSGA handicap. It is your responsibility to post and adjust every 18 hole round you play, whether it be at MLCC or another golf course. If you do not have at least 3 scores posted by May 27 you will not be allowed to play in any events until this has occurred.

Tee Times:

Pairings are made the day before play. No need to call for a tee time due to all starting at 8am. There is no switching of pairings the day of the event unless done by the pro shop. Please call at least 24 hours in advance to cancel.

Slow Play:

  1. Nothing aggravates a person more than playing behind a group that is playing slow. Below is listed some tips on how to avoid slow play.
  2. Forget about honors except on par 3’s and in match play.
  3. Go to your ball if you are not in the way of a person hitting.
  4. Drop a person at their ball when driving a cart & go to yours.
  5.    Park your cart on the side of green closest to the next tee.
  6. Examine your putt before it is your turn, so you are ready to play.
  7. Continuous putt if not in someone else's line.
  8. Mark the score at the next tee or there after when time allows.
  9. One practice swing is all you should need. Instead spend more time setting up to the ball.
  10. Slow players and people normally arriving late will get the last tee time.
  11. Habitual slow players will be warned by Mark, and if their speed of play does not improve, that person will not be allowed to play in any events for a period of 2 weeks.

MLCC Local Rules:

  1. Ball or stance interfered with by fairway irrigation line may be picked up and dropped within one club length.
  2. Ball coming to rest in a footprint in the sand or divot may be lifted and placed.
  3. The area right of creek on #5 is deemed all lateral water hazard.
  4. 100 and 150 yard posts are movable obstructions.
  5. Ball in mulch around trees, play as it lies.
  6. 14 clubs in your bag is the limit.

Ladies Club Events & Format:

Sign-up sheets are in the hallway going to the rest rooms. We can not guarantee you playing if you sign up less than 3 days in advance. Dues are $60.00 for members and includes: $45.00 for your weekly event and Ringer of $15.00.  Non-members pay $90 which includes a WSGA handicap, Ringer and weekly events.

Ladies 2016 Schedule

5/7 Low net minus your 2 worst and 2 best net holes
5-14 Low net of holes starting with the letters S or T. 
5-21 1 putts and chip ins. 
5-28 Individual low net
6-4 Best Ball 2 some pick your own partner
6-11 Match play vs par
6-18 Guest Day and least putts
6/25 Individual low net
7/2 Flag day, use par of 62.
7/9 Pink ball
7/16 2 person best net score of two on each hole
7/23 Hi Low scramble
7-30 Low net plus putts
8/6 chicago points
8/13 two person odd and even
8/20 Low net on even holes
8/27 Club championship
9/3 Two person odd and even
9/10 Low net on even holes
9/17 Odd and even
9/24 poker hand

Ladies Club Signup

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