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4-30 Sun. Best Ball 2 some with par as your partner.
5-20 or 21 Sat. or Sun President's Cup & First ladies qualifiying
5-21 Sun. Pick your own partner best net score on each hole
5-27 or 29 Sat. or Mon. Blue Coat & Gold Coat qualifying
5-29 Mon. Calcutta.  Best net balls on front and 3 on back
6-4 Sun. Couples match play qualifying
6-4 Sun . Best Ball 2 some w/picker only winning
6-11 Sun. Kris Kross, 2 person teams
6-25 Sun. Parimutual BB 2 somes blind draw
7-2 Sun. Red, Gold, White and Blue. One person ea. hole on each of the 4 tees.
7-8 & 9 Sat. & Sun. Husband & Wife Championship
7-9 Sun. Best Ball 2 some w/ President or VP as your selected partner
7-23 Sun. Sadie Hawkins, women pick their own teams
8-5 & 6 Sat. & Sun. Seniors Championship
8-6 Sun. Best Ball 2 some w/par as your partner
8-12 & 13 Sat. & Sun. Club Championship in flights
8-27 Sun. Something
9-4 Mon. Calcutta, best 3 net balls on each hole for front nine and best 2 on back.
9-10 Sun. Two Person Better Nine
9-17 Sun. K & S. Foursome event best 2 net scores on par 3's & 5's, scramble on par 4's.
9-24 Sun. Tournament of Champions

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