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The Junior Lesson Program at Muskego Lakes CC is the most popular junior golf program in the Milwaukee area. It has received awards of excellence from the PGA of Wisconsin, Golf Foundation of Wisconsin and the National Golf Course Owners Association. This is due to many factors that include: instructors that have been teaching a minimum of 5 years, limited class size, hands on individual help at each lesson, parental involvement, lessons that include playing golf as part of the total learning experience.  pdfCLICK HERE FOR THE PDF PRINTABLE VERSION

Due to the high demand for our program, we must offer last year’s participants first right of refusal before we can open up the remaining spots to new participants. A waiting list is always in place to establish the order of new participant acceptance. After February 1st applications already received from new golfers will be placed in the appropriate class.

Our Junior Lesson Program is open to children of ages 6 to 17. For those children new to the game, and between the ages of 6 & 8, we make available our five week  "Pee Wee" program with a Tuesday morning class from 10:00 to 11:30.

For those that have been playing for a couple of years or are 8 or older, we offer an eight week long program with a Tuesday, or Thursday class. There are four total ability groups.  Two groups- Beginners and Intermediates partake in a one hour lesson together and play golf following five of the eight lessons. After the hour-long lesson, "Intermediates" play four holes on the regulation course from the forward tees. Whereas, the "Beginners" play six holes on the regular course but from distances of 90 yards to 160 yards. To qualify for the Intermediate group, the child must be able to consistently hit the ball into the air and be able to play each of the four holes in 15 minutes or less within a foursome.

To qualify for the Advanced group, (Tuesdays or Thursdays at 12:00) a child must average below 65 for nine holes on a regulation course from the red tees. This group plays nine holes on our regulation course for six of the eight lessons. The present scoring ability of your child will be used to determine into which of the three groups your child is placed.  All but the Pee Wee group will start the week of June 13.

If you have a returning player to the program, the letter you have already received indicates what class level your son/daughter has been assigned to for the upcoming season. Throughout the season, we may move children from one ability level to another within the same lesson day, whether it is because of improvement or a misunderstanding of your child’s skills. The maximum number of students per class is 32 for Beginners and Intermediates combined, and 24 for each Advanced class. If you cannot make the lesson on your scheduled day, you may only make it up the same week on one of the other days. Please contact one of your child’s instructors for specific makeup days and times. To make up a lesson that includes playing golf, the parent may be asked to be available on the make up day for scoring purposes.

On the five days for beginners and intermediates or 6 days for Advanced and Senior Tour when golf is scheduled after the lesson, the kids are placed in foursomes and some type of fun event will be run in which the kids have a chance to win prizes. This is where parental involvement begins. One time per season, we ask a parent to score-keep and monitor the pace of their child’s group. Getting on the course and learning to play golf from "tee-to-green" is one of the intangibles that separates the quality of our program from others in the area. Because we insist that our students actually play golf, we need your help to provide a score-keeper for each group. We will NOT put any Beginner or Intermediate group on the course without an adult scorekeeper. You will be expected to sign up for your scoring date on the application form. Scoring dates are awarded on a first come, first served basis. Please check the "Junior" calendar on our web site to be assured your first choice date is available before returning your child’s application. You will be allowed to sign up for additional scoring dates only after the class has been filled and if scoring opportunities remain.

All golf will be played in a 2 or 4 person team format with prizes being given out the following week to the winners. Team format means playing 2 or 4 person scrambles and/or better score of the 2 or 4 on each hole. What this means to you is that your child can sign up with a friend and be assured they will be playing together on the first 3 play days. The two weeks of play for the Junior flighted Club Championship cannot be included due to the pairings being made within the pre-determined flights.

What is included?

  • Eight golf lessons
  • Five or six rounds of golf depending on which group your child is in.
  • Two PGA instructors per class.
  • Flighted championship tournament (trophies for first and second place).
  • OPTIONAL: Parent child golf tournament and Championship awards banquet. Fee includes prizes, soda, food and parents greens fee. Juniors play free!
  • Free range balls are available from the Pro Shop after lessons if they pick up the balls when done.
  • If a child improves, we will move them up a classification if the instructors feel necessary.

Groups & Fees for 2018:

  • Senior Tour: This session is for those kids that average 55 or less for 9 holes on a regulation length course and are on, or trying out for their High School Golf Team. This lesson group will emphasize the scoring fundamentals needed to compete at the high school level. It is recommended, but not required that a player has advanced to this level through our system. We have in the past accepted new students who are presently on their high school team. For that player who is trying out for their high school team, but has limited golf experience, we recommend speaking to a member of our instruction team to receive a skill-level assessment for proper class placement. The $260.00 fee includes 6 rounds of golf for 18 holes and 8 golf lessons lasting an hour and a half each week. Classes are on Thursdays with a start time of 9am. Classes will begin on Thursday, June 14th. Golfers are expected to play or practice at least twice a week during the summer. Please check the website calendar each Sunday evening for exact starting and finishing times.
  • Added bonus for players in our Senior Tour: 30% off our junior membership that includes: unlimited golf weekdays and after 11am weekends and unlimited range ball usage. The cost is normally $500 but for you it is $350. (This is generously made available to encourage the level of play necessary for improvement). See membership rates listed under "Golf", then "Memberships" on our web site.          
  • Advanced: Includes 6 nine hole rounds of golf and 8 golf lessons. Classes are on Tuesdays or Thursdays with a start time of 11:45pm. $210.00 if you walk with your child and keep score on one or more play days. Cost if you request to opt-out of score-keeping duties: $260. Please check the website calendar each Sunday evening for exact starting and finishing times.
  • Intermediates: Includes 5 four hole rounds of golf on the regular course. Classes are with the beginners on Tuesdays, or Thursdays with a start time of 1:00. $185.00 if you walk with your child and keep score on one or more play days. Cost if you request to opt-out of score-keeping duties: $235. Please check the website calendar each Sunday evening for exact starting and finishing times.
  • Beginners: Includes 5  four hole rounds on the regular course but from yardages of 90 to 160. Classes are with the intermediate group on Tuesdays, or Thursdays with a start time of 1:00. $160.00 if you walk with your child and keep score on one or more play days. Cost if you request to opt-out of score-keeping duties: $210. Please check the website calendar each Sunday evening for exact starting and finishing times.
  • Pee Wee Class:
    • For kids new to the game and between the ages of 6 and 7. Cost of $95.00 for five lessons.
    • A five week course on Tuesday mornings from 10:00 to 11:30 starting the week of July 11th or 12th through August 8th or 9th.
    • Pee Wee's will have a real treat learning to play golf with a specially designed system for the beginner golfer. It is called "Snag Golf." It is very hard for a younger person to swing a metal club with a small clubface and accomplish much more than poor contact and ground balls. Snag Golf is a full system with training aids. We supply the clubs that have a plastic head that is four times larger than a regular club. The balls are a smaller version of a tennis ball. This makes for ease of contact and flight. The students use these clubs to learn the golf motion before using a real club. Learning "the motion" before using a real club is a huge advantage to a young player. This system will be shown to you at the REQUIRED MEETING for all new registrants.

Parent scoring participation is an absolute necessity for the Muskego Lakes Country club Junior Program to be successful. This is why we charge a higher price for those kids where the parent cannot score-keep. Your assistance with this important facet of our program is greatly appreciated. Failure to show on your scoring date will prevent a foursome of children from playing on that date. Please, you are responsible for obtaining a substitute scorer if you are unable to meet your obligation.

Parents Meeting: Wednesday, May 9th or Thursday, May 17th at 6:30 PM. Required for parents whose child is new to the program. Optional for parents of returning golfers who may have questions or concerns. The meeting will be held in the upper level banquet hall.

Rules to be Followed:

  • We ask that your child shows consideration and deposits trash into proper containers.
  • No foul language.
  • No club throwing or displays of anger.
  • No cheating. You must follow the rules of golf and count all strokes and penalties.
  • Only hit balls on the range once given permission to avoid the danger of any child getting hit with a ball.
  • Never go out on the range to pick up golf balls when someone else is hitting.
  • Fix ball marks, rake sand traps, and replace divots.
  • Keep up to the group in front of you, 2 1/2 hours for nine holes is the maximum.
  • Be ready to hit when it is your turn.
  • When playing in the championship, you must play both rounds on any play day but within the designated two week period.

Discipline will result if these rules are not followed. That discipline could include: not being allowed to hit balls during a lesson for some period of time, termination of your round of golf and/or suspension of playing privileges for a period of time. If a child continues to disrupt the program, we reserve the right to terminate their involvement without refund of payment.

 Previous students should register by Feb 1st. After this day we open the program to all on our waiting list on a first come first serve basis.  First week of lessons is June 12.



Junior Tour Info

Click the links below for PDF download information regarding this year's Junior Tour. Information includes all levels: Pee-Wee, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Senior.