2021 Program will be finalized by 2-1-21.  At this time there is no registration available 

The Junior Lesson Program at Muskego Lakes CC has been the most popular junior golf program in the Milwaukee area for most of its 44 years of existence.  This program has received awards of excellence from the PGA of Wisconsin, Golf Foundation of Wisconsin and the National Golf Course Owners Association. These awards are due to many factors that include: constant changes based upon suggestions, limited class size, minimum one hour lessons (not ½ to ¾ of an hour like most programs) one teacher per 14 students, hands on individual help at each lesson, parental involvement and lessons that include playing golf at least 5 times as part of the total learning experience. 

  •      Lead instructor, Brandy Johnston is an LPGA member and the head golf coach for Carthage College. Prior she was head coach of the Franklin High School girls and Muskego High School Boys golf teams. 
    Our 8 Junior Lesson Programs are available for children ages 6 to 17.  A maximum number of registrants has been set for each class. 
  •      The Advanced group and the High School girls will play 9 holes. All other groups will play for a designated amount of time, and can play as many holes as they wish before the time is up.
  •      Lesson times will have a 15 or 30-minute gap between groups to allow for a better transition between lessons.
  •      The Club Championship is for the Advanced group and High School girls ONLY. Instead of playing the last two weeks, we will use the best 3 scores of the season.  The golfers with the lowest average will be the winners in their respective flights.  Winners will be announced at the Parent-Child Tournament and Banquet.

In our continuing effort to provide the best Junior Golf program in the area, we have made some more changes for the 2020 season. 


  •      Parents will no longer be needed to scorekeep. We will be hiring kids from local high school and college teams to do scoring and assist during lessons for all groups. 
  •      The fee for all groups is being raised by $20 to cover the cost of the added staff members.
  •      The Parent Child Tournament will be 4 person teams instead of parent & child alone.

Groups & Fees for 2020

TUESDAY’S – June 23rd  thru August 11th

  •      Boys - Advanced: Includes 6 nine-hole rounds of golf and 8 golf lessons for those children that can shoot 65 or less for 9 holes on a golf course measuring at least 5300 yards and have the golf knowledge to play in two hours and twenty minutes or less. Classes have a start time of 8am.   $230.00
  •      Girls only entering 8th thru 12th grade in Sept. 2020: A great opportunity for current high school players to prepare for the 2020 high season! An interest in high school golf or being a current member of a high school team is NOT required.  Includes 6 nine-hole rounds of golf and 8 golf lessons.  Students have to have enough experience to play at a good pace otherwise the intermediate group would be a better fit. Classes are on Tuesdays at 9:30. See above schedule for details.  $230.00.  Girls who are not yet in 9th grade, but able to play 9-holes at a good pace may join this class.   
  •      Intermediates: Includes 5, rounds of golf on the regular course. Normal age group is 10 to 14 years of age with no previous experience necessary.  Younger children are eligible provided their ability is enough to not feel out of place with older children.  Classes have a start time of 11am.     $205.00
  •      Girls only entering 4th thru 7th grade in Sept. 2020: Includes 5 rounds of golf on the regular course from shortened distances and 8 golf lessons. Start time is 12:30.  $205.00.  
  •      Boys & Girls - Beginners: for Children ages 6 to 10. Includes 5 times playing golf with shorter holes on the regular course.  Children are not required to have played golf prior.   Classes have a start time of 2pm.  $180.00.

NOTES – All Classes

  •      Parent scoring is no longer required but if you wish to walk along side your child you can do so.
  •       Parents Meeting: Wednesday, May 6th or Thursday, May 14th at 6:30 PM. A one time attendance is required for parents whose child is new to the program. Optional for parents of returning golfers who may have questions or concerns.


All students will play 9 holes on the regular course and be paired with another parent/child team to form a four person team.  The entry fee of $56 per team includes: food, soda, prizes and the parents greens fee.  The child plays FREE!.  Application forms will be available in July. Current HS players should speak with their coach prior to signing up.

PGA Junior League Golf 

PGA Junior League Golf is designed to bring a “little league” atmosphere to golf.  With teams comprised of boys and girls ages 8 to 13.  PGA Junior League provides a structured league environment for young golfers to compete, have fun and learn the game.  

  •     All players receive two team jersey’s, a T-shirt, drawstring bag, cap, bag tag.
  •     8 practices for 1 1/2 hours on Thursdays at 5:30.  Practices will begin May 29 with no practice on July 2nd.  
  •      Practice seasons to include: range time, team contests, course time and rules.
  •      6 team matches vs other area courses, held on Sundays beginning June 7 through July 26.  All matches will have 4:30 shotgun start time.  There will be no match on Sunday, July 5.  
  •      Opportunity for a team to advance to post-season and all-star teams.
  •      All team members play in every match.
  •      Advanced skills not required – if your child can drive, chip or putt, we have a roll on the team for him/her. Child must be able to walk 9 holes carrying their bag or using a pull cart.

24 students maximum.  We predict this will fill up fast.  Total cost for this wonderful program is $300 per child.  to register go to:  Registration opens February 1, 2020.  Please use access code 6310 when you register.  No money is owed directly to MLCC.  

Rules to be Followed for All Classes

  1. We ask that your child shows consideration and deposits trash into proper containers.
  2. No foul language.
  3. No club throwing or displays of anger.
  4. No cheating, you must follow the rules of golf and count all strokes and penalties.
  5. Only hit balls on the range once given permission.  This helps avoid the danger of a child getting hit with a ball.
  6. Never go out on the range to pick up golf balls when someone else is hitting.
  7. Fix ball marks, rake sand traps and replace divots.
  8. Keep up to the group in front of you.
  9. Be ready to hit when it is your turn.




Junior Tour Info

Click the links below for PDF download information regarding this year's Junior Tour. Information includes all levels: Pee-Wee, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Girls only programs and PGA Junior Tour.