2 Person Scramble 12-22-19
The warmest day in two months for this impromptu scramble.  We had 38 two person teams.  First place had a three way tie with Randy Hill and Jim Sell winning for having the lowest back nine score of the three teams.  They each won $100 in cash along with another $85 for being one of the two teams with the closest shot from 100 yards on hole nine.  Second place, also with a score of 67 was Dan Behrens and Koey Salmon.  They each won $80.  Fifth place was worh $70 per person.  Finishing at two under par was Darrin Groendal and Mr. Halmers.  Eith place paid $60 each as was won by Josh Sobczak and Joe Knapton shooting 70, one under.  We also paid off 8th, 13th, 17th, 22nd, 26th, 30th and most honest.  The team having the other closest shot on hole 9 was the team of Paul Bartelak and Gabe Neitzel.  They also finished 13th and won $50 each.

2 Person Schamble, 12-6-19
A better temperature than the three previous events, 43 and sunny.  This was put together three days prior to 12-6.  We had 18 die hards, nine teams playing a schamble do-over.  A schamble is taking the best tee shot then playing your own ball the remainder of the hole.  We then use the lower of the two scores.  Coming in first at 7 under were a couple of familar names in Steve Grusczynski and Tom Komassa.  Second and winning $40 in cash for their 2 under score was the father daughter team of Larry and Chelsea Witkowiak.  Third place at 1 under was Pete Bliske and Mark Krause.  The last payoff spot was for 6th place and that went to Amy Gehrke and Lori Nutter finishing at 7 over and winning $20 each. 
In the shootout we had 14 participants, 7 teams.  The two teams with the closest shots to the pin from 100 yards on number 9 were Maciek Boncol & Nick Catarazoli and Todd Plier and Mike Landry.  Each player won $22.50 for their $5 investment. 
Thanks to all that participated in our Scramble series in 2019.  See you in 2020.  Happy holidays and safe travels. 

2 Person Do Over Scramble, 11-29-19
Most people used their cars on this 35 degree day.  The ground had not yet froze so we played holes 1,7,8,9 twice and the back nine once for a 17 hole scramble.  Since the greens were soft the scores were low in the 13 team event.  All but 4 teams finished under par.  Finishing in 10th place and winning $15 in cash each were Paul Owsiany and Kevin Self at 1 over.  Seventh place and $40 each went to Gary Niiebauer and Beran at 2 under.  Fifth place at 7 under went to Steve Krause and Todd Kurtz, $30 each.  Third place was tied by three teams at 8 under.  Winning the roll back and $45 each was John Bechard and Rick Rutter. The first place team had a combined age of 140 years old.  They finished at 11 under, winning by 3 strokes,  Mark Krause and Doctor Mike Tomaro.   
There were only two team skins for the day, each was worth $65.  In the shootout 11 teams partook.  The two winning teams each won $32.50 per person for their $5 investment. 
last year we were able to host a scramble in January.  Maybe it will happen again this year.   

Sunday, Car Golf Scramble
This days event always has less participants due to the Packer game.  We had 10 teams.  The snow was all melted but we had to play the back nine twice because the ground was so soft on #6.  The winning team was again 17 under.  Other than the captain staying the same (Steve Grusczynski) the remaining three players were different.  Jim Sell, Tom Komassa and Dan.  They won $70 per person for there efforts along with a skin that paid $27.50 more to each.  Second place went to the team of Dan Conti, Dan Ulrickson, Joe Smith and Mike Kommer.  They shot 16 under and won $50 each plus the other skin.  The side purse had the teams that finished 1st, 3rd, 4th and one blind draw putting from 20ft.  The team that won the scramble had two putts on the edge but that was not good enough to catch some money.  The Ba\guley team and Krause teams both made their putts.  Their reward was $27.50 per player. 

Saturday, Car Golf Scramble
We moved back the start time to 11am in hopes most of the snow would have melted.  While it did melt during the day thank goodness we had cleared a swath on every green to make putting normal.  Instead of a scramble and schamble the event was a scramble with one twist.  On par 3's everybody had to finish the hole and we took the best 3 scores of 4.  We had 31 teams paying off random spots.  Coming in 25th at 3 over was the Paul Koski team.  Twnety first at even par was Alex Sobczak and friends.  Seventeenth place at 3 under were the Hill brothers and Dave Manchester..  13th place at 5 under was won by the Paulus team.  They collected $40 each.  Nineth place and $50 each went to Adam Willms team at 10 under.  Third place losing on a roll back at 15 under went to Kevin Dwyer and team fro $70 each.  Second place, and perenial winners was the team of Steve Grusczynski, Kyle Malinger, John Bechard and Rick Rutter, collecting $80 each at 15 under.  This years winners by 2 strokes at 17 under and winning $100 each was Scott Bagguley, Jason Jordan, Jack Lunster and Henry Mulvey.

There were 5 skins worth $114 per skin.  Congrats to the teams of Hill, Willms, Pualus, Johnson and Maliszewski.  

In the side purse where the teams that finished 1st, 4th, 8th and two blind draw team with all hitting putts from 20 feet and the two teams having the closest putts split the purse.  Congrats to the Bagguley and Plier teams.  

3 Person 27 Hole Scramble
A pretty nice day with temperatures in the high 40's.  We had 13 teams with payoffs going to the teams finishing 1st, 2nd, 7th and 8th.  First was tied by the owner, his son and Mike Bowe with a score of 13 under.  Not ever wanting to win, he gave the team of Steve Grusczynski, John Bechard and Kyle Malinger the first place winnings of $35 cash and $35 in a gift card to each player.  Seventh place, $20 cash and $20 gift cards went to Ron White Cal Vobroucek and Jake Simms with a score of 4 under.  Eighth place and $10 Cash and $10 credit went to Mike Hassforth and Shane Behlendorf at 3 under.  
There was $370 cash in the skin purse that saw 8 skins over the 27 holes. The two first place teams had 5 of the eight skins.  Each skin was worth $46.  Next up, our new Ladies only car golf scramble. 

Tough Day Scramble 10-19-19

A beautiful day with 20 teams of 6 players.  Last year if you recall we had some snow, sleet and hail along with very high winds.  This time the greens were holding and at a perfect speed to see the ball go up to the pins and come back if it didn't find the hole.  TheThe winning team was 12 under followed by two teams at 10 under, six teams at 9 under.  All but 6 of the 20 teams were 5 under or more.  Yes the winning team had Steve and Thayne Krause but the other four are 100 plus shooters. Second place and $70 each went to Maciek Boncol, Ron Franzen, Steve Johnson, Nick Catarazoli, Mike Janosz, and Steve Schreck.  Third place had the same score, 10 under, but their total score on the back nine was two higher than the second place team.  Sixth place finished at 9 under along with five other teams but their back nine score put them in the wnning spot.  Tenth place was won by the UW Whitewater golf team and member Mike Bowe at 7 under and $28 each.  Fifteenth place and $18 each went to Brandon Charney, Nick Weber, Eli Moran, Steve Loiselle, Adam Bertagnolli for their score of 68.  There were only two skins, both were eagles paying $270 in cash.  Congrats to Mike Bowe's team for the eagle on #6 and Nate Smith's team for their eagle on #16.  The shootout is where the 1sst, 4th and 8 place teams along with two blind draw teams hit shots from 100 yards to the ninth green.  The two teams with the closest shots split the $590 cash purse.  Congrats to Steve Krause's team and Adam Willms team.  From now on, if Steve or Mark Krause have a team that qualifies for the shootout, they will not hit shots but instead have another member of their team hit two shots.  Thanks to all who played, it was a day filled with cheering, oos and ah's.  The next event is our 3 person, 27 hole scramble on Saturday, October 26.  Sign up now for the car golf scrambles before they fill up.  

4 Person Scramble 10-5-19
It turned out to be a nice day with the greens holding exceptionally well.  The first place team included three men over the age of 65.  I mention this  because they were allowed to tee off from the Gold tees.  Congrats to Phil Taft, Mike Tomaro, Don Robbins and Jim Sell for their 12 under par finish. Second three shots back was Mike Landry, Bill Walter, Rick Brockland and Ken Smits. Sixth place was won by Jim Fink, Pete Bliske and John Brannan.  There were three skins for the day.  Aa birdie on #3, and eagle on #6 and an eagle two on #15.   Four teams qualified for the shootout on number 9.  All players hit a shot to the pin from 100 yards and the two teams with the closest shots split the purse.  The two winning teams splitting the cash purse for the shootout were: Phil Taft, Mike Tomaro, Jim Sell and Don Robbins; Jeff Piotrowski, Ben Budish, Jason Grandy and Matt Budish.

2 Person Flighted Scramble 5-26-19

We think the supposed forecast and wet conditions stopped many people from entering but we did still end up with 13 teams.  The B flight winners finshed at 4 under and won $55 gift cards.  Congrats to Kristiin and Mike Bowe.  Second at 5 over par and winning $35 gift cards was the father son team of Jim and Robert Wendt.  A flight second place was won by soon to be husband and wife Levi Oxford and Amanda Bliske, $35 each.  The winners had home course advantage.  Mark Krause and his daughter Faith.  They finished at 7 under and won $55 gift cards.  Four skins weree had paying off $16 per player per skin. Mike and daughter Kristin had the only birdie on #3.  Bill Walter and St4eve Krause had birdies on #1 and 14 for a double payoff and Mark and Faith had the only 3 on #2. Winning the added purse for hitting the two closest shots on #9 from 100 yards were Nick Catarozoli and Thayne Krause aand Steve and Sabrina Schreck.  Our next scramble will be on Sunday, June 23.  Click here to enter. 

Rusty Open 4-28-19
At 8:30am the scheduled start time the course was covered in 3 inches of snow.  So, we figured the snow would be gone by 11 and we could serve the meal at noon and have a 1pm start. By 11am the snow was gone, and we knew that a succesful event was in the making.  We ended up having 13 teams instead of the orginal 17.  That did not matter, the temperature was 55 and sunny.  The winning score was 11 under.  The winning team had two radio celebrrites on it.  The team included: Steve the Homer True, Greg Nietzel, Scott Mohr and Paul Bartelak.  This team also had two skins worth $30 per man for their $5 investment and they won the closest shot on #9 for another $30 per man.  All told, they each won $135pp.  Second place with a score of 10 under, and winning $55 each were Nick Catarozoli, Maciek Boncol, Thayne and Steve Krause.  We then paid off 5th place for $45pp.  The score for Kyle Schmidt, Zachary Richardson, Christian Puls and Ed Richardson was 65.  The last payoff spot was for 9th place.  Congrats goes to Dave Radka, Ed Kelly, Cory and Dan Degner.  There were two other skins besides the two won by our celebrity team.  John Bermer, Jarrod Pietsch, Mitch Coe and Party Mike had an eagle on #12.  Dave Radka, Eli Kelly, Cory and Dan Degner had the only birdie on #1.  Each skin was worth $15pp.  Next event is a two person flighted scramble on Sunday, May 26.  Click here to register for this event.

March 24 Do - Over 2 Person Scramble
Rain was called for but did not show up, giving us a day that was partly sunny and about 50 degrees.  This event was flighted, meaning the 12 teams that had the lowest score totals for holes 1-4 and #14 were placed in "A" Flight and the remaining 12 teams were in "B" flight.  congrats to Mike Bowe and Steve Pecha for being the winning team in "B" flight by finishing at 1 over par and winning $70. Second in "B" flight went to Jacob Fassbender and Mike Boehmer also finishing at 1 over but losing in a roll back and collecting $50.  Third place had a score of 2 over with Eric Mabbott and Joey Singson winning $30.  At 6 under and coming in third to collect $30 was Mr. Nevins and Mr. Olson.  Second place had a score of 7 under.  Mike Landry and Bill Walter each collected $50.  First place at 9 under went to Paul Bartelak and host Mark Krause.  This was Mark's first win in 9 years.  
There were two skins for the day.  Each team received $53.50 per person for their $5 investment.  Luke Palmtag and Kevin Patten had the only birdie on hole 8 and Mr. Olson and Nevin had the only birdie on #18.
The teams that finished 1st, 2nd and 4th in each flight went out to 100 yards from the pin on hole #9 to see which two teams would have the closest shots and recieve $53.50 per person.  Congrats to Mike Bowe and STeve Pecha and Mike Landry and Bill Walter.  Our next scramble is Sunday, April 28.  This is a 4 person team with a full buffet after golf for $65pp.  Hope to see you then. 

Car Golf, November 17 & 18, 2018
Car golf had an extra twist this year.  We had snow on the ground so we had to improvise.  We cleared a swath on all greens from the front ot the green to the pin.  Whatever distance your ball was from the pin, you then moved your ball to the cleared area that same distance, for all to putt from there. The second problem was that we could not play on the scheduled week due to to much snow.  The event was postponed for one week which coincided with the start of hunting season.  Consequently we lost about 1/3 of our orginal players.  In the end we had 18 teams on Saturday and 10 on Sunday.  

Saturday's winning score was tied by three teams at 9 under.  First place was determined by  a shootout from 100 yards from the 9th green with the team having the closest shot to the pin winning 1st place.  This year's winners were Bill Walter, Jim Maher, Rick Brockland and Randy Kawczynski.  We also paid off the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 9th, 13th and 17th places along with everybody receiving a 12lb turkey. 

Sunday the snow was gone from everywhere but the greens and as the day went on the greens softened up to some extent.  the winner score was 12 under the same score as last year.  This year's winning team came in 2nd last year.  Congrats to Trey Peterson, Matt Roadhouse, Matt Sluzinski and Mike Ratkovich.

I thank all for participating and especially the 44 people that donated their turkeys to the food pantry.  

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