Car golf had an extra twist this year.  We had snow on the ground so we had to improvise.  We cleared a swath on all greens from the front ot the green to the pin.  Whatever distance your ball was from the pin, you then moved your ball to the cleared area that same distance, for all to putt from there. The second problem was that we could not play on the scheduled week due to to much snow.  The event was postponed for one week which coincided with the start of hunting season.  Consequently we lost about 1/3 of our orginal players.  In the end we had 18 teams on Saturday and 10 on Sunday.  

Saturday's winning score was tied by three teams at 9 under.  First place was determined by  a shootout from 100 yards from the 9th green with the team having the closest shot to the pin winning 1st place.  This year's winners were Bill Walter, Jim Maher, Rick Brockland and Randy Kawczynski.  We also paid off the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 9th, 13th and 17th places along with everybody receiving a 12lb turkey. 

Sunday the snow was gone from everywhere but the greens and as the day went on the greens softened up to some extent.  the winner score was 12 under the same score as last year.  This year's winning team came in 2nd last year.  Congrats to Trey Peterson, Matt Roadhouse, Matt Sluzinski and Mike Ratkovich.

I thank all for participating and especially the 44 people that donated their turkeys to the food pantry.  

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Weekend Tour Results