Do you want to learn how to play better golf while having fun with your girl friends one evening a week? The "Ladies 5 Hole Tour" is part of our "FUN TOURS" program. The aim of our "Fun Tours" is to give you many ways to get more out of your golf experiences.

Muskego Lakes, for the thirteenth year in a row, is providing a ten week program that includes a lesson each week followed by golf with a cart. This is a chance to have time with friends, learn the game and play a little golf without the worry of being pushed by other golfers behind you. Included in the below listed fee is your golf, range balls, lessons and cart. You choose Monday or Tuesday evenings starting at 5:15 or Tuesday mornings starting at 9:30am.

Lessons start the week of June 1st. Golfing will conclude the week of August 10th provided there are no rain outs. Registration is on a first come first served basis with a maximum of 60 ladies on Mondays and 36 on Tuesdays. The lesson time is from 5:15 to 6:15. To insure you have the time to play at least  5 holes, we shotgun start (each 4 some starts on a different hole at the same time) on both days. All pairings are in groups of four with you having the option to make your own foursome.

What is the cost? The whole package is only $295. If you register before February 15 the fee is $265 and you receive a free 9 hole greens fee pass.  . Or pay $617 and play all the 9 hole rounds of golf you wish for the whole season

What happens if I miss a week of play? No problem. If you are unable to make a play day, we will give you a credit slip for $15, but only for a maximum of two missed dates. Note: All credit slips must be redeemed before the end of the 2020 season. Or, you could send a substitute to play in your place in lieu of a $15 credit slip. If you do have a substitute, it is up to you to collect from that person if you wish.

Golf lessons! The format will be modified group lessons starting at 5:15 and finishing at 6:15 with four instructors on Mondays and three instructors on Tuesdays provided class sizes are close to maximum numbers. Lead instructor, Brandy Johnson, will present the Monday and Tuesday night lessons before breaking into smaller groups for 50 minutes of personalized instruction. Each lesson will focus on a different aspect of the golf swing. We will also cover sand trap play, chipping, rules and golf etiquette.  You also receive a written version of each lesson.

The instructors are: Bob Beyer, Jim Maher,  Amanda Bliske, and Steve Krause. Please tell your friends about this great opportunity!

All Lessons will be held on the dates scheduled even if the course is closed! If we are unable to play golf after a lesson, an additional play date will be used from the rain dates listed below. Please consult with your instructors for further information.

Please remember the Get Acquainted/Informational Meeting held on Tuesday, May 26 at 6pm.  Beer and soda for $1, wine for $4 and snacks will be free while we explain all of league activities, common golf terms, rules and GAMES OF CHANCE.

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