The "Men's 9 Holers" is part of our "FUN TOURS" program. The intention of this "Fun Tour" is give you many ways to get more out of your golf experiences.

What is the "Men's 9 Holers Tour"?

A 9 hole Tuesday or Wednesday evening league that includes: range balls, weekly and season long match play prize funds and greens fee for 16 weeks. Carts extra at $8.00 pp.

Entry fees: $364 for Non-member before 2-15-19, $394 after. $60.00 for Unlimited MLCC member.  Or add $204 and receive unlimmited 9 hole greens fees for the season.

Reason why to join

  • You and a friend can always play together
  • Shotgun start at 5:15pm
  • Come early hit as many range balls as you wish
  • Weekly and season long competitions to win credit dollars
  • Event winning credits can be used for any type of purchase
  • Playing time is two hours twenty minutes or less
  • You do no work, MLCC does the schedule and event figuring
  • Discounted cart rate
  • Automatic member of our "Patron Club" giving you 10% discount on all published greens fee rates.

Tuesday/Wednesday Evening League Itinerary

  • RANGE BALLS will be on the range prior to play. Hit as many as you wish. Carts are optional.
  • SHOTGUN START means all players start at the same time and are assigned to different holes. On your schedules it will list your starting holes and opponents. You need to be on your starting tee at 5:15.
  • ALTERNATING NINES means you will not be stuck playing the same nine each week.
  • PAIRINGS you may request one person that you can play with most weeks. Since the format is individual matches we need the flexibility to pair you and your playing partner with a new opponent each week.
  • BEFORE PLAY please come to the pro shop and pick up your scorecard for your match.
  • ATTIRE is golf casual. Meaning jeans are okay if clean cut, no cut offs or tank tops.
  • CARRY ON BEVERAGES are not allowed and if caught you will be dismissed from our league.
  • SCORE REPORTING it is your responsibility to turn in your scorecard at the end of the day to the pro shop. We will post the scores on line thereafter. The system we are using is league manager. You get there by going to WSGA.ORG and click on “league login” on the right hand side of the page. Your user name and password are both “mlcc”. In there you can see results of both the match, point totals and side event results. You can even send an email to all notifying them of your need for a sub or anything else.
  • MATCH PLAY FORMAT is with both players using their full handicap. One point is awarded for each hole you win. Ties win 1/2 a point each and an extra 2 points for the person that has the lower net score. When you or your opponent is a "noshow" we start by giving the person that showed up 51/2 points. A net score of 39 or better adds a point for each net score stroke under 39. Ex: net score of 36 recieves 4 extra points for a total of 91/2.
  • HOW IS YOUR HANDICAP USED? On the scorecard each hole is rated with a handicap. On the front 9 hole one is the 3rd handicap hole, two is 7, three is 9 four is 17, 5 is 13 six is 1, seven is 15 eight is 11 and nine is 5. If your handicap is 5 you would get a stroke that is then subtracted from your score on holes 1,2, 3, 6 & 9. Let’s say that your opponents handicap is 0. If he scored a 4 on number one and you a 5, your score after subtracting your handicap stroke is a 4 so you and your opponent would tie the first hole. You each win a 1/2 a point on that hole. Do this figuring for each hole. The person at the end of 9 with the most points wins the match and probably has the lower net score for and additional two extra points.
  • HOW TO ESTABLISH A HANDICAP. We will need at least 5 scores from you prior to the start of the season so we can establish your handicap if you did not have one from last year. The more scores the better. The system figures a handicap by using all scores subtracting par from your score and coming up with a handicap and then taking 85% of that average. If you are a member with a wsga handicap we will use that handicap.
  • OVERALL SEASON WINNERS will be determined by total points won for the season.
  • PRIZE MONEY. Out of your fees, $3.00 is held back for prizes. One dollar from each player each week will be kept to payoff the highest point winners for the season. The other $2.00 will be used for the winners from that weeks side event.
  • SIDE EVENT is the event we will run each week. Those events are listed in the registration form.
  • CREDIT WINNINGS, what are they. Your weekly winnings are recorded on our point of sale system. At any time you can use these winnings to purchase pro shop merchandise, food or drink.
  • PATRON-CLUB what is it?. This is a free membership that gives you a 10% discount on all published greens fee rates, $10 greens fee credit voucher for your birthday, the ability to make a tee time 12 days in advance,  and reward dollars for every dollar you spend. This membership also allows you to play in any other "FUN TOUR" events.
  • SPRING MEETING: there will be a get acquainted meeting on Tuesday, April 23 at 6pm. We provide the snacks and tap beers will be available for $1. This is a mandatory meeting to insure we get the season started on the right track.

Fee includes: range balls, weekly and season long match play prize funds and 9-hole greens fee for 16 weeks. Carts extra at $8.00 pp.