The "Men's 5 Holer Tour" is part of our "FUN TOUR" program. The intention of this "Fun Tour" is to give you many ways to get more out of your golf experiences.

What is the "Men's 5 Holer Tour"?

A perfect way to learn or improve your game of golf. After work on Wednesday evenings, for 10 weeks starting June 5, you will  receive an hour golf lesson and then be able to play as many holes with a cart as you wish.  

What some participants had to say about the program:

  • Thanks for all of your help through the lessons, I enjoyed your instruction and learned more than I thought I would.  Keep up the good work. Kevin Keller 9-20-18
  • I really enjoyed the league and the practice time. I would definitely be interested in signing up again next year and may have a couple of friends who may join me. Sincerely, Markus   
  • When I signed up I said I had not broken 100 in about 30 years but also had not taken any lessons to try to change that. By the middle of these lessons, I was in the mid 40's as we were able to get in 8 or 9 holes each week (I was scoring in the 44 - 48 range) so well on my way to my first goal of bogey golf. I had only played 2 additional 18 hole rounds and shot 98 for both so I feel my improvement is at least 5 shots but possibly 15 with this set of lessons. I definitely plan to do it again next year and have interest from a neighbor of mine to also join. Mark Sell
  • Overall I definitely enjoyed the experience. I really liked the setup, being able to play until dark after the lesson helped to put the idea of what we learned into action. I also thought the cost was a good deal. When I signed up I recommended the idea to a couple friends, but only I signed up.  Going into the lessons I was most interested to learn what the difference was between my good shots and bad shots. How I could hit 3 great shots in a row, then hit a 5 foot ground ball, slice the next shot into the woods, then hook driver OB. The time and feedback on the driving range helped give me an idea of what happens when something goes wrong, and now when I go to hit some balls I have something in mind when working on different shots or how to fix any issues. I still need a lot of practice, but now I think I can practice more effectively and that hopefully carries out onto the course.  I saw on the website the same setup for women is available on a different night. I will mention that to my wife. She is considering taking up golf, we tried the driving range and some par-3 courses this year with me sharing my 'knowledge' I picked up from lessons. But she needs some serious help, so we might get her there next year.  Thanks again,  Vern

Muskego Lakes CC is using a tried and tested format to bring you a fun way to learn the game. A ten week program in which you play as many holes as you wish with a lesson prior to play on Wednesday evenings. Included in the below listed fee is your golf, range balls, lessons and cart.

League play will conclude the week of August 12 provided there are no rain outs. Registration is on a first come first serve basis for a maximum of 28 men. The lesson time is from 5:15 to 6:15. To insure you have the time to play a minimum of 5 holes, we will start the foursomes on both #1 and 10 tees. All pairings are in groups of four with you having the ability to make your own foursome.

What is the cost? The whole package is only $265 if you sign up by February 15, $295 thereafter.  Unlimited members $115.00.  Or add $252 for unliimited 9 hole greens fees for the year. 

What happens if I miss a week of play? No problem, If you are unable to make a play day, we will give you a credit slip for $15, but only one per half season (a total of 2 misses per full season), these have to be redeemed before the end of the 2019 season. Or, you could send a substitute to play in your place in lieu of a $15 credit slip. If you do have a substitute, it is up to you to collect from that person if you wish.

Golf lessons: The format will be modified group lessons starting at 5:15 and finishing at 6:15 with two instructors. Lead instructor, Mark Krause, will present that night's lesson to the whole group before breaking into two smaller groups for 45 minutes of personalized instruction. Each lesson will focus on a different aspect of the golf swing. We will also cover sand trap play, chipping, rules and etiquette. Each lesson wll also be in written form for you to take home.

Please tell your friends about this great opportunity!